Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Week in the Garden

It's a great week in the garden; everything just keeps getting better and better.
I picked this bouquet of red and pink peonies and phlox for my table.

This peony bush is just loaded with buds and blooms.

We have a small rose garden in front of the house. Isn't it colorful?

Apricot/peach-colored foxglove

Gladiator allium



The lupines are amazing this year. This pink one is just beginning to open.

Would you believe this bloom is 14" tall?  UPDATE: It keeps growing! As of May 26th, it is 18" tall!

This shrub rose must like the heat (90 degrees F) - it's covered with blooms!

Thanks for visiting my garden today. Remember to pick a bouquet so you can enjoy some of the outside, inside!

I am linking with Fertilizer Friday, a blog party that's all about showing your plants. Be sure to stop by Tootsie Time and visit the other gardeners as they flaunt their flowers.


  1. We soooooooooo enjoyed our visit to your lovely garden.....xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love all the beautiful flowers, very peaceful. Wish I had a garden like yours.

  3. What totally beautiful pictures!

  4. I was over at bj's sweet nothings and was looking throw her comments. Checking everyone out.
    Your flowers are just gorgeous. I really enjoyed your garden and your blog. Do you have Mr. Lincoln Roses? They are one of the best smelling rose and very red.

  5. Oh my goodness, Beth! What wonderful variety you have! I am soooo jealous, especially of that Gladiator allium! I must get some...what a punch of color.

    Your whole garden must be spectacular in person. Sure wished you lived closer & we could share cuttings. LOL

  6. The flowers are all very beautiful. Our mum loves the two coloured rose.

  7. Your garden is absolutely amazing and gorgeous!...Your peony arrangement is the perfect compliment to your pretty dishes...A really beautiful accomplishment, Beth, thanks for sharing!

  8. Beth,

    Goodness! How beautiful you garden is!!! Just lovely!!


  9. You have such beautiful flowers! You are an excellent gardner that is for sure!

  10. WOW your flowers are amazing. i definately do NOT have a green thumb no matter how much i try.

  11. Beautiful! Simply magnificent!
    The roses are amazing.

  12. It is totally gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. ~Alasandra

  13. Hi Beth, thanks for you kind comments on my post! Your flowers are gorgeous. I love those tall lupines? You certainly have a green thumb! How nice to have such a variety of flowers for your tablesettings. They are all so pretty!

  14. You have an awesome garden. I only have one peony and just as it was opening, it rained. I was hoping the heat of today would bring it back to life, but no luck.

    Thanks so much for coming to visit.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. So love all your flowers- the arrangement on the table was gorgeous! Thanks for visiting me! ~Nana~

  16. Hi Beth,
    All your flowers are sooooo pretty,
    but those peonies are just amazingly beautiful. That lavendar rose reminds me of a rose tree I had some years back and it was called Angel lace, and it had lovely wonderful smelling mini roses all over it, and I just adored it, and something ate every rose off it. The agriculture folks said it had to be a deer, but after living here 30 yrs, we have never ever seen one. I moved it to the front of our house it was in a planter, and it was raining a lot that summer and the runoff from the roof killed it, at least that is what I think it was, and I just was sick about it, cause I just loved it.
    But Oh well!! That is life.
    I have grown a lot more flowers since, and they too, have been delightful, none smelled quite as good as the Angel lace tho.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely flowers.
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  17. Love all your beautiful blooms Beth~~~
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

    Kay Ellen

  18. Oh dearest beth and Gracie...I am left breathless by the beauty of the lupins...I love them so but have no luck in the garden because it is so very hot here in the desert...thank you for this blissful post...

  19. Everything is beautiful....have Lupine envy here in Florida!

  20. Your plants look great... nice roses and peonies! LC

  21. You have a very pretty garden...would love to stroll through it and smell the roses.


  22. In Nova Scotia, lupins grow wild on the sides of the highways, in ditches and fields, etc. They're beautiful to look at when they're in bloom. But people here would never put them in their gardens because they just take over. It's odd for me to hear someone talk about lupins with such love. But it's nice too.

  23. Oooh..the gladiator allium is gorgeous and I just love your peonies...truly beautiful.

  24. You sure do have some lovely blooms to flaunt this week.


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