Monday, May 9, 2011

41 Days and Counting - Polk County Master Gardeners' Tour

Polk County Master Gardener tour, 5 weeks and counting!
Here's what the garden looks like today...much different than it will look in mid June, but it's coming along.
Looking down from the deck, across the border beds to the back yard. The triangular bed is new this year and still a work in progress.

Still standing on the deck; in this picture I am looking out over the cottage garden toward the back of our property and the horse pasture. (The pasture isn't ours, but we enjoy having it there tremendously. There is a small creek and some trees and wildlife are abundant.)

Border beds on the left, cottage garden on the right. Looking back over old photos of the border beds, I see a great deal of change. I used to have a large number of purple coneflowers and rudbeckia, and not much else. Now I have several varieties of flowers, but a definite overabundance of phlox. Something to think about as I plan for next year. With the garden tour just 41 days away, this is not the time for major changes in this large bed.

I have lots of daffodils in bloom right now.

The new bed. I asked Ron to find me a large rock for the bed and he wants to add some dwarf or miniature conifers plus a weeping tree and a grass...sounds like the bed needs to be expanded to me!

A closer view


I really like this pretty daffodil.

The bleeding heart is really pretty this year.


The lilies of the valley smell DELICIOUS!

Virginia bluebells

When I first wanted some of these beauties for my garden, I didn't know they were "Virginia" bluebells and I ordered English bluebells - still pretty, but nothing like what I was expecting.

Virginia bluebells like compost and soil that is on the acidic side.

Did I mention that we worked very hard in the garden this weekend?  And then, we relaxed!

Have a wonderful week in your garden, or wherever life takes you.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. Your gardens look great Beth, so neat that your hubby is into it too! Have fun:@)

  2. I wished I lived closer I would come to the garden tour :)

    Your gardens are beautiful and I can't wait to see the same views throughout the season for comparison. As one of the newer followers of your blog, I haven't seen it in full bloom yet.

    Our flowering crabs are just budding here.

  3. I like these 'over-all' shots of your gardens Beth. I had forgotten that you were to be on a garden tour... perhaps Sarah and I can make it out for the tour as we hope to come to Iowa sometime in June... please remind me of the date (or did I miss it) I'll reread the post. I have two tour groups this week ... the first will be master gardeners this evening... perhaps 45 people to come and then a red hats group on Thursday if the weather is ok... lots of work to do today, but I wanted to take a few minutes to see what others are up to on their posts. Whatever happens, we want to take an extra day so we can get to visit you and Ron this summer! Larry


I treasure comments and read each one. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Beyond The Garden Gate!


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