Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - Insect Edition

The garden is still my pride and joy; still stellar in its beauty although it is past its peak. Small changes, including insect sightings, herald the upcoming change from summer to fall.

Butterfly weed

There are lots of these milkweed bugs on the butterfly weed.

Also saw this monarch caterpillar on the butterfly weed

A white spider on the verbena bonariensis

These are undesirables: Eastern tent caterpillars. Reportedly they can defoliate an entire tree.

Betty Corning still has lots of blooms.

Multi Blue clematis is blooming again.

One of the few hemerocallis still blooming: Autumn Minaret

The weather has cooled a bit, and the roses are blooming again. Shown here: Buck rose 'Pearlie Mae'

I grow my elephant ears in the sun. At the Discovery Garden, they're grown in shade. Where do your elephant ears grow?

Early Autumn still life


Annuals are the stars of the garden right now, still blooming happily.

I'm enjoying the lantana this summer.

I did some deadheading of the Nigella, and it paid off with new blooms.

Geranium 'Rozanne' has been reliable too.

My perennial sweet pea is just covered with dark pink and pale pink blooms.

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate needs to move from part sun to full sun next year - my friend's is in full sun, and it's much larger and bloomed earlier. These annuals reseed freely. I'll harvest seeds as well as transplant tiny seedlings in the spring.

The zinnias have done well this summer. I hope to harvest seeds from these for next year too.

Layers in the garden

I have old-fashioned white, pink and lavender phlox that originally came from my mother-in-law's garden. Last year I had lots of powdery mildew, but I've thinned them and it's not an issue this year.

Serenity in the hosta farm

The European Mountain Ash is full of berries.

Remember my Pumpkin On A Stick (ornamental eggplant)? The "pumpkins" are beginning to turn orange.

A look at the Easter Egg Plant; the "eggs" are growing. They'll get to the size of hen's eggs and will turn color: green, yellow, etc...What fun!

A look from above, standing on the deck. Still very green and yellowMy early summer colors tend more toward pinks and purples.

My plans for next year include bringing more color into the late summer garden. I also like the look of dark-leaved plants in the garden, such as purple leaved basil, or maybe Ninebark.


This year's 'Big Boy' and 'Better Boy' tomatoes are really tall. In addition to those two varieties, I'm growing 'Early Girl,' 'Roma', 'Lemon Boy' and 'Sugar Snack.'

So far, the Romas and Early Girls have produced heavily. The others are just beginning to bear fruit.


Fall is on the way! Enjoy the last days of summer - I plan to!

Goin' Swimming!
Not with dolphins, however...
I'm heading to the pool!!!

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