Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Beauty of Blueberries

I have truly enjoyed growing blueberries the past few years. I have four bushes - two of which are very good producers. I feel my blueberries are stunning, especially in mid-summer, when they are full of tasty berries.

Look, they're pretty now too with their yellow and scarlet leaves.

If you want to grow blueberries, they do best in acidic soil. My soil is alkaline, so I amend it with aluminum sulfate, coffee grounds, sulfur, etc.

Pretty in pie!

Delicious too!

We'll have low temperatures close to freezing for the first time this week. What's pretty in the garden now will soon be history. Let's take a look:

Buck rose 'Pearlie Mae'

These morning glories seem to glow.

Another pretty morning glory

Clematis 'Princess Diana'
This is her first year, and her first bloom.

Lavender 'Munstead'

Digitalis 'Camelot Cream'

Latest garden art acquistion; a gift from a friend

The nigella self-seeded, and in fact has already started to grow...

...and even bloom!

I dug up the angel wing jasmine and brought it inside. It has numerous buds.

See my "haystack?" It's actually pine needles. Ron and I have been raking pine needles from three neighbors' yards to use as mulch. How nice it is to have fresh mulch again!

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