Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Splendor of Autumn in the Midwest

red and glorious
maple leaves ~

another maple - different variety
plus our crabapple ~

a few red berries on the crabapple

mums at the neighbor's home


it was outside this summer
brought in recently & full of blooms
it's an angelwing jasmine
it smells heavenly

cute decor at the neighbor's

wish i knew what type of maple this is
if i did, i'd have one in my yard too

cute pumpkin plates
perfect for this time of year

i'm a friendly ghost!

cup of tea?
it's 60 degrees outside; shall we go out there and have a cuppa and a snack, and enjoy the splendor of autumn?

this has been one of the most colorful autumns i've ever seen
hope you enjoyed the show
Autumn in Iowa



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