Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New in the garden

I think spring has arrived. Seems like I've been waiting forever! As a (primarily) garden blogger, I have been really short on material to photograph over the past few months. But now, there is something new in the garden. I'm excited!

Do your hellebores hang their heads, or is it just the cultivars I grow here at Sunsplash Gardens?

 They are so pretty, but I did have to lift the flower up to photograph (and see) it!

Love this delicate bloom. It reminds me of an apple blossom.

 The daffodils are just beginning to bloom. Last year I dug and gave away many daffodils, as I had about 800 and felt I could spare a few!

 Siberian Squill - a true blue flower

 Striped Squill, also known as Puschkinia scilloides

 There are lots of these (dandelions) in the gardens already. I need to have a dig-fest before they bloom and go to seed. There is a pasture with many dandelions behind our home, so keeping on top of the dandelions is an ongoing task.

Also new to the garden: my rain barrels. I am so happy to have these, and it sounds as if they may take on some rainwater tomorrow. For more information on rain barrels, click here.

I hope you are enjoying spring in your area too.


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