Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bored? Not hardly!

The days of being bored and stuck inside are over. Gardening season has begun!

There is not too much blooming, but there's a lot of promise.  :)

 Daffodils in front of the cross at Easter time

 We planted a young crabapple this spring ('Snowdrift')

 Daylily Junction shows a lot of promise.

 A bit of whimsy in the border garden

 A fairy has taken up residence here. :)

 Siberian squill are invading the creeping phlox - making a pretty color combination.

 I don't have any of the fancy hellebores, but the ones here are pretty and add early season color.

The past two days I've spent many hours in the gardens, but today it's raining. That's okay, we need the moisture. Besides, it gives me an excuse to run errands and shop!

Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally - Spring!

Finally - Spring has arrived! I am joyful, and looking forward to more blooms in the gardens.

There are just a few blooms right now, but many more to come. There are hundreds of daffodils coming up, although none are blooming yet. And then there are the tulips - probably 150-200 of them to look forward to.

For now, I'm enjoying early blooms.

 Puschkinia scilloides (Striped Squill)

 Siberian Squill

 Chinodoxa forbesii (Glory of the snow)



Spring - Yea! Enjoying warmer weather, getting out in the garden, and seeing flowers again.

Monday, March 31, 2014

For the love of tulips

Tulips are my favorite spring time flower. Last fall I planted around 100 bulbs - all are red, white, or red and white. They should be lovely - can't wait to see them! In the meantime, I have daffodils poking through the soil but no blooms. I've begun spring garden clean up - but there's nothing pretty to show!

However, in past years I've photographed many beautiful tulips and would like to share a few today...soon, I'll share those in my garden as well as Pella's Tulip Time beauties.

 Brinkhoff Park, Pella

 Fringed tulips in Pella

 A pleasing color combination in tulips enmasse

 These tulips look like peonies.

 I love the color and form of these beautiful tulips.

 Even the cookies are tulip-shaped in Pella!

 Spring color abounds - the tall plant is Frittalaria Imperialis (Crown Imperial)

TULIPS - There's nothing else like them! Beautiful!

Linking to Fertilizer Friday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tulips on Notecards

Today I'm linking to Vee's Notecard Party.

My theme is "Tulips."

 Tulip Tea Room, Pella, Iowa

 Historical Village, Pella, Iowa, at Tulip Time

 Hostas and tulips in the Historical Village in Pella

Snow in May (my garden)

Notecard box cover


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