Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daylily Junction

Daylilies are one of my favorite flowers, and Garden Room "Daylily Junction" is where many hemerocallis reside and thrive. It's at its' very best right now. Take a look; let's go for a little walk in the Junction.

Numerous daylilies, liatris, a spruce, our potting shed and the neighbor's barn-shaped garden shed

Such color! The mulch is pine straw, which I rake up in various locations in the fall.

Looking pretty: 'Janice Brown'

Elegant 'Catherine Woodbury'

Name not known

'Perfect Pink Princess'

'Strawberry Candy'

'Todd Monroe'

'Blueberry Candy'

Name not known

Wilson seedling


'Planet Max'

'Julie Fasset'

'Frans Hals'

Just south of Daylily Junction, hydrangea 'Incrediball' combines with butterfly weed and parsley

Cleome self-sows in my summer garden.

Glad you stopped by today. My flowers were glad to see you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Freedom Rock, and then some!

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II is a man on a mission: a mission to paint Freedom Rocks in every county (there are 99) in Iowa. Sorensen painted the original Freedom Rock near his hometown of Greenfield. He has repainted it every May for the past 16 years.

The Jasper County Freedom Rock:

 This is Sgt. William Jasper, whom Jasper County is named for, rallying the troops during the Revolutionary War near Fort Sullivan, SC.

 George Washington said, "When we assumed the soldier we did not lay aside the citizen." Illustrated here is the soldier in a defensive position, and later at home he kneels again to check his corn crop. The quote is in a blue ribbon and then down the side is an eagle pulling the ribbon, and also holding Purple Heart and Silver Star Awards representing awards for all U.S. veterans everywhere.

 In front of the Freedom Rock are brick pavers where veterans' names can be engraved on bricks.

 And also in Sully - I was amazed to observe this wood carving in the front yard of a home. I just had to go back and take a photograph.

Then, on the the old Deep Rock Station where the Garden Thyme Garden Club maintains a garden and where ice cream is sold.

 Entrance to the garden

 Rather funky!

I enjoyed my time in Jasper County today. Hope you enjoyed sharing it with me.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The garden is peaking!

My garden is at its best in July. Lots of echinacea, hemerocallis, monarda, larkspur, zinnias, balsam, phlox,'s all here. I love this time of year at Sunsplash Gardens.

 View from above - evening

 Image from the border gardens

 Also in the border gardens - just to the north of the previous photo. Notice the two types of coreopsis? On the left is 'Zagrebe' and on the right 'Moonbeam.'

 A little bouquet for my potting bench

 I am always pleased when I see honeybees in the gardens. I don't see many.  :(
We do have lots of other bees though.

 Presenting 'White Temptation' in the moon garden
Moon gardens are all white and they seem to glow as the light of day dims.

 'Perfect Pink Princess'

This is not an ordinary 'Startle;' note there are two blooms fused together here.

 'Jungle Beauty'

 'Gentle Shepherd'

 'Red Plum Stripe'

 Wilson seedling - unnamed - if I were to name it, it'd be 'Neon' something.

 Ron's favorite daylily - these blossoms are HUGE. Name not known

 'Inner Destiny'

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be a monarch butterfly!"

It's July in the gardens!


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