Friday, July 5, 2013

Hemerocallis time has arrived!

The daylilies are beginning to bloom! They are one of my favorite flowers; we have around 80 daylily plants and I could always use more!

Come walk around the garden with me to see what's blooming.

 'Happy Apple'

 'Black Eyed Susan'


 'French Tudor'

 Name not known

 'Blueberry Candy'

 'Jan Johnson'

 'Gentle Shepherd'

 'Custard Candy'

 'Double River'

And also blooming at Sunsplash Gardens:

 Double pink hollyhock

 Part of my Moon Garden

 Starring in the Moon Garden, this white coneflower 'Primadonna'

Hope you had a great week in the garden! What I can say is that the garden kept Ron and I both busy. Ron removed two trees and stump. Of course there was the usual weeding and watering and deadheading, etc.

Tomorrow's task: Edging the garden.

But the best part is sitting in the garden drinking in the beauty. As my son says, "It's a peaceful place."

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