Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One of my favorite places

Vacations - who doesn't enjoy getting away for rest and relaxation and seeing new things?
We're vacationing in one of our favorite places in the whole world: Estes Park, Colorado.
It's beautiful, there's lots to do, and the cool mountain air is a refreshing break from 90 degree Iowa temps.

 At Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

 This is where we're staying. It's our fourth time at these condos. They meet our needs perfectly.

 Fall River runs right in front of the property.

 Downtown Estes Park has lots of cute shops, and many pretty flowers.

 We hiked to Nymph Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Another image of Nymph Lake

 Beautiful water lilies on Nymph Lake

 Picturesque Dream Lake

 We did a lot of hiking to get to these lakes. Along the trail, beauty abounds.

 Yesterday we traveled up Trail Ridge Road, toward the Continental Divide. As you can see, we were above the tree line. This area is called the alpine tundra.

 Taken from the visitor center at the alpine tundra

 Look at these tiny bluebells I spotted on the alpine tundra. My Virginia bluebells are much larger, and bloomed in April or May.

 A canyon of colored rock as we walked the trail to Alberta Falls

 Downstream a bit from the falls

 Beautiful Alberta Falls

 In town, we took a tour of the Stanley Hotel. "The Shining" was written here by Steven King. The movie was filmed elsewhere, though. Legend has it the Stanley is haunted. It appeared on an episode of "Ghost Hunters."

 Enjoying my vacation!

"The mountains are calling. I must go."  - John Muir

Exactly how I feel! Love it here!


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