Thursday, December 18, 2014

Critters at Sunsplash Gardens

 Gracie likes to sit under the Christmas tree.

Recently I washed some blankets, folded them and set them on the table. Gracie found it an appealing place to rest.

 Just back from the groomer - Josey Rose, my miniature schnauzer

 I added the Santa hat in PicMonkey.

 I put out corn for the squirrels. They will eat a whole ear every day! We call them "piggy" squirrels.

 This blue jay likes corn too.

 Female (left) and male goldfinches on the niger feeder

 The Red-bellied woodpecker likes corn too.

Tortie first came to our yard as a kitten with her mother in 2008. She never left!

We also have seen fox and deer in the yard, and there are two stray cats that come every day for Meow Mix!


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