Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our days will come!

Sooner or later, our days of beauty and warmth will come! I'm certain of it; I've lived for more than half a century and I've never lived through a year without a spring!

Past springs inspired me....

 A beautiful bouquet of lilacs graced my mantel one spring...I'd love to have another like this again.

 Virginia Bluebells, a native wildflower in my area that grows and spreads wonderfully in my gardens

 Tulips, my favorite spring flower

 Crocus - tiny but so appreciated

 Siberian squill is a spreader, but as pretty as this is, how can I complain?

 Beautiful magnolias in our neighborhood

 Violets come in a range of colors.

Violets are lovely, violets are edible, and, unfortunately, violets spread aggressively.  I do some violet pulling every year but still have some in the yard and gardens.

This was a preview of spring, from springs past.
It reminds me that Our days will come!
Welcome Spring!


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