Friday, April 25, 2014

Garden Rooms

Welcome to Beyond The Garden Gate at Sunsplash Gardens. Today is a photo tour from summer of 2012,  consisting of photos of the various gardens we love and maintain here.  

1. The Serenity Garden:

2. The Cottage Garden:

This is the west side of the cottage garden. Here you see an example of repetition in the garden: coneflowers scattered throughout. For further information on repetition in the garden, click here.

This is the center of my largest garden, the cottage garden. Note more coneflowers - love, love, love them!

Middle to east portion of the cottage garden, including raised beds

South central part of the cottage garden; where the rudebeckias and blueberry bushes are located marks the end of the cottage garden and the beginning of the rocky garden.

Full and lush, with a variety of flowers planted closely together: this is my cottage garden.

3. The Moon Garden:

A Moon Garden is all white, and reflects to the eye after dark. 

4. The Border Gardens:

This area had become overrun by garden phlox. I pulled many of them and will be re-designing these beds this fall/next spring.

Coneflower corner: yep, I repeat these beauties in beds other than just the cottage garden. These all grew from seed I scattered.

5. The Rocky Garden:

This area is part shade, as a tree has grown larger.  Can you see why I refer to it as a rocky garden?

6. The Herb Garden:

7. Area I now call Daylily Junction:

This area will fill in over time as the grasses and lavender patch and patch of foxglove (behind the tree) grow. In addition, I'll be adding more hemerocallis.

8. The Berry Patch:

 I grow red, gold, black, and purple raspberries and blackberries here.

9. The Triangle Garden:

 Hosta snake ('Golden Tiara') in the Triangle

10. The Hosta Farm a/k/a The Shade Garden:

 Piniellia in the shade garden

11. The Pet Cemetary (part of the shade garden)

I'm glad my furbabies are still close to me here.

12. The Side Garden:

I believe this is an orienpet. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

 'Tiger Woods'
? another orienpet

13. The Rose Garden:

14. The South Hosta Bed:

That's it for the tour of my garden rooms. Now, a few pretties:

'Hush Little Baby'

'Jungle Beauty'

 'Inner Destiny'

'Prairie Wildfire'

Name unknown

Another shot of 'Inner Destiny'

Goldfinch tree topper

"Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity." ~Lindley Karstens

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally - Spring!

Finally - Spring has arrived! I am joyful, and looking forward to more blooms in the gardens.

There are just a few blooms right now, but many more to come. There are hundreds of daffodils coming up, although none are blooming yet. And then there are the tulips - probably 150-200 of them to look forward to.

For now, I'm enjoying early blooms.

 Puschkinia scilloides (Striped Squill)

 Siberian Squill

 Chinodoxa forbesii (Glory of the snow)



Spring - Yea! Enjoying warmer weather, getting out in the garden, and seeing flowers again.


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