Tuesday, January 6, 2015

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it

On January 11, 2010, I created my very first blog post and hit "publish." So began a journey that started out as just a blog reader, and grew to much more.

About Me:

I'm a 50-something woman living in Iowa. I grew up in a small town, graduated high school, and went to nursing school. I married Ron 38 years ago, and we have two children, a daughter and a son, and now two grandsons.

I love animals and gardening; I love travel; I enjoy NASCAR and basketball (spectator only). I'm retired, I'm a tea granny, and I like to cook.

About Beyond the Garden Gate:

Over the years I've shared many things (500 posts and counting).

 I've shared "weather shots," like this icy day in my backyard 5 winters ago.

I've shared sunsets from my deck.

 I've shared bits and pieces of Tortie's story. She was a feral kitten in 2008 who came to stay and in fact still lives with us today.

 I've shared tea and food...

 I created and photographed eleborate tablescapes that we never ate at. (lol)

I shared a bit of home decor.

And then, there is THE GARDENS...my favorite thing to photograph and blog about!

 Swamp milkweed

 A bit of whimsy: a faux birdie in a nest I found and placed in our Japanese maple tree

 Blueberries - we have four or five bushes and they do very well here.

Edging the garden

 A favorite photo - so colorful!

 I love daylilies and have about 80 of them in my gardens.

I have hundreds of coneflowers spread throughout the gardens. They, along with daylilies and lupines, are my favorite flowers.

I occasionally blog about my travel adventures. Perhaps there will be more about that now that my hubby has retired. Sweet freedom!





 Visiting blogging friend, Judith. Judith blogs at Lavender Cottage.

 Niagara Falls

5 years, 500 plus posts and counting...what does the future of the blog look like?
I consider this primarily a gardening blog and we all know there's not much gardening going on during an Iowa winter. Therefore, except for the occasional tea post or "weather shot" the blog will be rather quiet until springtime. Then, wow! You can journey with me as I continue the garden remodeling, a big project that began when we added a New Orleans-inspired courtyard and pergola plus a waterfall, stream, and pond.


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