Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little signs of spring

Spring: is it here yet? Well, there are definite signs out in the gardens.

 I spotted a pair of bluebirds in the garden, checking out the accommodations.

 The first blooms in the garden, tiny snowdrops.

The tulips are up and reaching for the sun.

Soon, it'll be a lot more colorful in the midwest, kind of like what we saw in springs past (see below).

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Josey, before and after

 Animals at rest

 Josey, before her first grooming

I'm a cute little Schnauzer! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Beauty of Lavender

We are still experiencing winter in Iowa. I looked back at some beautiful photos from the past, and decided to share lavender; that is, the color lavender.

Lavender, a stunner in the garden, or in the pond...

 At Better Homes and Gardens Test Gardens

 Morning glories in my gardens

 Phlox and zinnias - I like this color combination.

Clematis 'Claire de lune'

 Clematis 'Multi Blue'

Kind of makes me want a pond...water lilies are so pretty!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Longing for Spring

I have spring fever, really bad! This is what I'm looking forward to (photos from prior springs):

 The glorious forsythia, in someone else's garden. I have not had good luck with forsythias; I have to enjoy them in someone else's yard.

 An exquisite magnolia, again, in someone else's yard. I would love to have a few magnolias in my garden but it seems I am running out of room.

 A hellebore in my garden

 I've forgotten the name of this one - some type of squill, I think. Update: This is Puschkinia scilloides, a native of Turkey, also known as striped squill. Thanks to Donna from Garden's Eye View.

 Another beautiful hellebore

 A few of my hundreds of daffodils along the fencerow - looks like a rugged country setting, doesn't it?

 I have a passion for lilacs.

 Clematis 'Josephine' is a favorite of mine. She was blooming in April last year. We had an early spring in 2012.

Tulips in Pella, also in April - way ahead of Tulip Time.

Sigh. I am so ready for spring!
We still have a bit of snow, but temperatures are in the 40s today and it's sunny. It renews my optimism!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tea and Ireland

 In 2001, I had the privilege of visiting Ireland. 

 The Irish countryside - an amazing 40 shades of green; from the air, it looks like a patchwork quilt!

A quaint Irish town

I've heard that everyone is a little bit o' Irish on St. Patrick's Day. I know that I enjoy making "Irish" goodies in my kitchen; how about you?

 Corned beef and cabbage and all the accompaniments (carrots, potatoes, onions) - we Americans think this is THE quintessential St. Paddy's Day fare, accompanied, of course, by green beer!

 Tea with shamrock sugar cookies

Irish soda bread scones

Orange Chocolate Chip Drop Scones
The scones aren't Irish, but the placemat and napkin (lace from Ireland) are!

A Belleek vase purchased in Ireland

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Snowy Josey!

This is what 14" of snow looks like - the result of a 6" snow followed by an 8" snow just 5 days later.

Notice the many shrubs/trees/grasses/garden art features in my winter garden. Shrubs and small trees, as well as objects d' art and grasses add a great deal of interest in my cottage garden.

The red twig dogwood looks lovely covered in snow.

 A few berries remain on the purple beautyberry - the robins were all over these a few weeks ago.

Close-up of the callicarpa

 Too bad dogs cannot use litter boxes! They must be taken outside, whatever the weather. Actually, Josey kind of likes the snow. (When we get inside, though, she's working hard to get the little snowballs out of the long hair on her legs.)

Cute, cute, cute!
Snowy Josey!

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