Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Changing up the borders: A Work In Progress - Part I

Welcome to Beyond The Garden Gate and to the border gardens here at Sunsplash Gardens.

I have a bit of a borders aren't pretty anymore.

They used to be very full and colorful, but the garden phlox* and the tiger lilies were so invasive that I ended up removing many of them.

*Newer phlox hybrids are not so invasive, nor are they subject to powdery mildew.

Follow along in this post as I chronicle what was, what is, and what is to be.

West (left) and north (top) side of the border garden in 2010 - looking good then (albeit a blurry photo for which I apologize) - but you get the idea of the look to this area.

East side of the border garden in 2010 in this photo and the next two

Wow, did that ever look pretty! Thinking that perhaps I shouldn't have pulled the invasives out...oh well, it's done now...

Close up of the west side (2010)

East side in 2011

Same area, later in the summer of 2011 - please excuse the work buckets being in the photo!

Fast forward to early summer of 2012. You can see a number of bare spots here on the east side of the border - that's largely due to removal of phlox. I can also see that I over-thinned the Porcupine grass but I'm confident it will come back.

Here is the north border bed: red twig dogwood, hollyhocks, echinacea, and rudbeckia predominate.
I envision an (almost) all white garden here in 2013. (This was taken in the summer of 2012 as well.)

Change is beginning:  I expanded the borders. In addition, when I found bags of mulch on sale at $1 (normally $3.99), I bought some and applied it. I will be moving some plants and adding  others. (This is the east side in July 2012).

North side in July 2012 
Lots to remove, lots to add, to make this an all white garden

It looks like a huge clump in the center of the west border garden needs divided! It's Siberian iris and ditch lilies. Photo taken and narrative written in July 2012.

 The east border is beginning to fill in (August 2012).

August 2012

August 2012

 Late August 2012, after I added a few plants - I'm pleased with the appearance of this area. 2 other sides of the border garden still require work though.

The almost all-white garden, late August 2012 (north border) - more plants needed! I envision quite a few annuals such as white larkspur, penta, and cleome, and maybe some alyssum. Shasta daisies look to figure prominently here as well.

The west side of the border garden, late August 2012. Lots has been removed, and a few things added. More to come. I envision Queen of the Prairie and Culver's root toward the back, along with morning glories and cypress vine; toward the middle, larkspur, shasta daisies, geraniums, cosmos, and coreopsis; and in front, alyssum and vinca.

 West border, September 19, 2012, after I added mums, pansies, ornamental cabbage, and pumpkins for fall color

I'm not totally happy with my borders yet, but I do have plans. I'll show you next spring/summer!

Leaving you with a pretty shot from the cottage garden...

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Royal Wedding Tea

On April 29, 2011, the world watched with delight as Prince William took his sweetheart to be his, and Britain's, princess.

 Kate Middleton, bride-to-be, in her car on the way to the church

 The Queen has already arrived - and she looks happy.

 The bridesmaids - and the day that Pippa Middleton became a household name.

 She has arrived!

 Escorted down the aisle by her father

Such a beauty!

 Prince William and his brother Harry, on the way to the altar

 Harney and Sons produced Royal Wedding Tea in honor of the marriage of William and Kate.

 I'm sipping Royal Wedding Tea in this teacup that was a part of my grandmother's teacup collection.

 Would you like a slice of blueberry strudel with your tea?

I enjoyed my tea, in honor of the Royal Wedding.

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Monday, November 19, 2012


God has blessed me in so many ways. I have a lot to be grateful for, including:

Health, happiness, my home, my country
 I am truly grateful.
Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

 Be sure to relax with a nice cup of tea.
Unmarked teacup, a recent thrift store find

And by all means, don't forget the pumpkin pie! 

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