Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Walk through Sunsplash Gardens

The stargazers are so fragrant, and so colorful. They are well-loved at Sunsplash Gardens.

The petunia bucket is awash in color this summer.

Poppies - gone now, but oh, how pretty they were. Hoping for lots of self-seeding for next year!

Rain lilies

How could you not love these beauties? This is hemerocallis 'Janice Brown.'


'Sunday Gloves'

'Hush Little Baby'

Recently I went to the farm of a daylily grower/hybridizer. He lets you choose the flowers you like right from the field, and then digs a couple of fans. The cost was just $5. I ended up with 15 daylilies plus he dug me some balsam (in the green bag) and that was at no charge.

This is one he hybridized. He calls it a Wilson seedling. I really like it.

Beebalm and a white shrub rose
So glad you could tour the garden with me today.


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