Thursday, March 14, 2013

Longing for Spring

I have spring fever, really bad! This is what I'm looking forward to (photos from prior springs):

 The glorious forsythia, in someone else's garden. I have not had good luck with forsythias; I have to enjoy them in someone else's yard.

 An exquisite magnolia, again, in someone else's yard. I would love to have a few magnolias in my garden but it seems I am running out of room.

 A hellebore in my garden

 I've forgotten the name of this one - some type of squill, I think. Update: This is Puschkinia scilloides, a native of Turkey, also known as striped squill. Thanks to Donna from Garden's Eye View.

 Another beautiful hellebore

 A few of my hundreds of daffodils along the fencerow - looks like a rugged country setting, doesn't it?

 I have a passion for lilacs.

 Clematis 'Josephine' is a favorite of mine. She was blooming in April last year. We had an early spring in 2012.

Tulips in Pella, also in April - way ahead of Tulip Time.

Sigh. I am so ready for spring!
We still have a bit of snow, but temperatures are in the 40s today and it's sunny. It renews my optimism!

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