Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lots of pink in the garden

There's a lot of pink in the gardens right now.

 'Comtesse de bouchaud' looks gorgeous right now, with more blooms to come.

 I believe this is some type of dianthus (or it could be phlox). Love the color combinations.

The roses in front of my house look great. I only lost one from this area. The other eight I lost were from the back - and not close to the house as these are. I think that gave them some protection.

 I have some lovely pink peonies (cultivar not known).

Not pink, but certainly pretty - Peony 'Star Power'

 Now to look at a few non-pink bloomers...above is Clematis 'Betty Corning.'

 This is a type of loosestrife. It's not invasive; I've grown it for 20 years and its' spread has been very manageable.

 Evening primrose

I found a used nest under a tree. I added a birdie and Ron wired it into the tree. How cute!

Pretty in pink!


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