Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Every day brings change in the garden

Every day things look different in the garden. For instance, the white peonies that were gorgeous yesterday have brown edges today, and the closed buds on the Martagon lily are beginning to open today.

My Martagon lily - I know it is a "species" lily but don't know a specific name.

 The lupines, one of my favorite flowers, are blooming now.

 There are many clematis at Sunsplash Gardens; this one is happily climbing up a birdhouse pole. I don't know the name.

 'Josephine', a favorite of mine


 'Piilu' is a small (short) clematis.

 'Proteus' on the left and 'Princess Diana' on the right


 Geranium 'Johnson Blue' is just full of color!

 The orange Oriental Poppy is blooming now too.


 Wrens are building in this gourd birdhouse.


Supertunia 'Vista Bubblegum' is filling in nicely. This is a fantastic petunia and I use her throughout the gardens.


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