Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's done - our backyard garden makeover!

As you know, we've been transitioning the former border gardens with the help of landscapers. Finally, it's done! Well, as done as it can be until we put plants in next spring.

First, a look at what was:

These photos are from 2013. The area on the left, inside the wooden fence, is what I called my border gardens, also known informally as "the little yard."

As a point of reference, the area to the right in the photo, on the other side of the fence, is the start of my cottage garden.

 My border gardens consisted of four sides: three sunny, and one shady, under the deck stairs. This was the west border bed during the summer of 2013.

 Here's the east border bed. On the other side of this fence, further to the east, is my cottage garden. You'll notice each border was edged with boulders.

 Another view of the east bed....all of these plants are gone - some were annuals, some were moved, some became compost. The grass is gone, so pretty. I am missing summer's flowers already!

The large honeysuckle I loved, and so did the birds; I hope it survives in its new home. The birdfeeder was moved earlier this year; I did not like this location as I couldn't see it well from my window.

A view of the Moon Garden, also gone
I hope to have another all white garden.  :)
I saved the plants, now to figure out "where."

On October 7, work began:  part of the fence came down, grading was done to level the yard (my yard slopes downward), and by October 8th, block was laid to establish the edge of our patio.

 October 17: a pergola was beginning to take shape.

 Work continued on the patio (October 22).

Wow, the area looks a lot different, doesn't it?

The color is gone, but no fears. It will return next spring! I look forward to figuring out plant selection and placement. But wait...I'm getting ahead with my rhetoric...I haven't shown the finished project...the big goes!

 The view from above - the stream and pond are exactly where the fence was that divided the cottage garden from the former border gardens

 Waterfall and stream - the electrical will be dealt with in a less visible manner in the spring.

 The pond had ice on it this morning (11/1/2014)! We got our first hard freeze.

We are really going to enjoy our "courtyard" and water feature, and Ron already is happy that he'll have even less yard to mow!


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