Monday, April 9, 2012

The glory of spring

Welcome to Beyond The Garden Gate. I love blogging about my garden and another passion, tea. Sit down with a cuppa and browse a bit. I'm so glad you came!

The flowering crab anchors the west end of the triangle bed. This bed also contains a large boulder, which doesn't really look so large when compared to the tree - lol. In addition, there are burning bushes, hostas, a tiny Fraser fir, a knockout rose, a black spruce, and two young buckeye trees.

View from above: the crabapple and a European mountain ash

Can I you tell I adore this tree?

The redbud begins spring with its tiny purplish flowers. The flowers go away, and the leaves then come.

The dogwood has many blooms this year. This little tree is only about 4 feet tall and  is situated in the cottage garden. It won't get much bigger which means it is perfect for its location.

Old-fashioned lilacs are a wonderful addition to any garden, and I love having a vase of them inside. They smell so good!

Lilac 'Sensation'

The blueberries are thriving - they are loaded with blooms, soon to become berries.

Still enjoying the cheerful color provided by daffodils

Muscari (grape hyacinths) are an easy-to-grow spring bulb.

Pink forget-me-nots
These are a short-lived perennial, or biennial. They self-seed and spread readily.

Look at that color!

I never tire of looking at the bluebells in this woodland-like area in the rocky garden.

"My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view."
~ H. Fred Dale

Have a joyous spring!

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