Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woodland garden - in the suburbs?

You don't have to own timberland or a part of a forest to grow woodland plants. What you do need is shade to part shade and humus-rich soil. I created just such an area in my suburban garden. It's a small area, but I treasure it for its uniqueness and its beauty.

The part shade was already part of the equation there; I added homemade compost in abundant amounts, and voila! I have my own little woodland garden.

Asarum (Wild ginger) grows well in my woodland garden. It spreads by rhizomes, and I read that it can be a good "ground cover," which to me means don't let it get out of hand or it could take over the garden!

It took awhile, but I finally was able to establish the magnificent Mertensia Virginica (Virginia bluebells) in my garden. Last year was the first year they bloomed. They have spread quite a bit since last year.

Such delicate color!

I appreciate my woodland garden area. It's pretty, and it's "me."

After all----
"Gardens are a form of autobiography." ~ Sydney Eddison

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