Saturday, October 27, 2012

2 Little Surprises in the Garden

 In my garden, I came upon a larkspur blooming on 10/24/2012. What a surprise! Most of the larkspur are long gone - and gone to seed. Isn't it pretty?

 The other surprise is this Missouri evening primrose (sundrops). This plant is one of two I purchased late in the season and planted in one of the border beds. I was pleasantly surprised to see it bloom, and also surprised at the size of this bloom.

 The rudbeckia continue to produce a few blooms here and there.

 Still-life:  Crimson leaves
 The leaves belong to this burning bush in my neighbor's yard.

 The glory of mums. This, too, is at the neighor's house.

 Scarlet crabapples, bounty for birds, deer, and squirrels

 I still have a few pansies in the garden. However, colder temperatures are forecast so this may be their last hurrah.

 I can't get enough of this view of the various colors of mums and a boulder. My neighbor made a pretty bed, didn't she?

 Have you noticed that redbud leaves are heart-shaped? So are violet leaves...

A heart necklace, perhaps?
Or just plain old "garden art"  lol
By the way, today is "Make a difference day."  What will you do to make a difference? In a future post, I'll share my "day before Make a difference day," as well as what I did on October 27 and 28.
Be happy, and give back/pay it forward/mentor/love/share Jesus - what can you do to change a life? More importantly, what WILL you do?


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