Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create

Karen of My Desert Cottage is hosting a big party on July 14! It's her fourth annual Where Bloggers Create - be sure to head over to view where your fellow bloggers create crafts, blog posts, etc.

A little about me, in case you've not visited before:

I'm Beth, I live in the midwest, and I am a mother of two and grandmother of one. I'm an RN but these days I'm enjoying life as a homemaker. I've been blogging 2.5 years, and I blog about my garden, tea, and life in general. This time of year, it's mainly the garden...

There are three places where I create.

This is my office. Initially it was my daughter's bedroom. After she moved out, it became a "computer room" and later a bonafide office when I worked out of my home for six years.

Jessica papered the walls with a floral wallpaper and she had matching curtains and comforter. The bed's gone, but the pretty wallpaper and curtains remain. The office is a good place to blog, read blogs, and surf the internet.

A second place where I create by using by computer to blog is in my living room. I sit on the loveseat with my laptop and blog away.

My view from the loveseat

On my mantel:  hydrangeas, grown in my garden (but of course!)

I don't have a studio; I don't need one. I do most of my creating here:

This is where I design and implement my plan, my plan for beautiful gardens!

 Lantana, an annual here in the midwest

 Cleome, a self-seeding annual

 Zinnias and phlox

 Prickly pear cactus - Karen, Ceekay, does this look familiar? We can grow cactus in our area too!

 Clematis 'Josephine'



 Another clematis, name unknown; perhaps 'Niobe'

 What a unique flower! This is Nigella, a/k/a Love-in-a-mist. I entered this pic in a photography contest. (Winners have not yet been announced.)

 Gladiolas and lace

A parting shot of the lush and colorful place where I get to create every day

Care for a cuppa beebalm?

Now you know where this blogger creates! Head on over to My Desert Cottage to see where the other bloggers create.


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