Saturday, November 3, 2012

Autumn at the Botanical Center

Welcome back to the Botanical Center, soon to be the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.
It's fall, both inside and outside the dome. Come along, I'll give you a tour.

 Walking up to the entrance, this is what you'll see.

 A vine on the outside of the building

 Inside the dome is a tropical paradise.

Always current, the Botanical Center's seasonal displays...

 Yellow Queen Shrimp plant
 Blue Ginger
 Part of the orchid display

 Talk about striking!  Flamboyant Tree, consistently voted amongst the world's most beautiful flowering trees

 Flamingo flower
 There are animals at the Botanical Center too. Not seen here are the birds that somehow get in through an open door and live here. On this visit, I saw a robin. Robins typically eat earthworms, but I'm sure this one is enjoying berries, etc.

Autumn - a time of harvest, a time of beauty, a time to be thankful

Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of the Botanical Center today.  If you missed my post about the Slice of Italy at the Botanical Center,   click here.


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