Friday, March 1, 2013

Snowy Josey!

This is what 14" of snow looks like - the result of a 6" snow followed by an 8" snow just 5 days later.

Notice the many shrubs/trees/grasses/garden art features in my winter garden. Shrubs and small trees, as well as objects d' art and grasses add a great deal of interest in my cottage garden.

The red twig dogwood looks lovely covered in snow.

 A few berries remain on the purple beautyberry - the robins were all over these a few weeks ago.

Close-up of the callicarpa

 Too bad dogs cannot use litter boxes! They must be taken outside, whatever the weather. Actually, Josey kind of likes the snow. (When we get inside, though, she's working hard to get the little snowballs out of the long hair on her legs.)

Cute, cute, cute!
Snowy Josey!

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