Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arctic blasts, a thing of the past

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! The garden is awakening, with lots of green foliage appearing, and quite a few spring blooms showing themselves.

We have about 600 daffodils; some are blooming and some will bloom in the next week or two.

These are among my favorites of the daffodils. I cut this large clump of flowers to enjoy inside after photographing it.

 The Chinodoxa (Glory of the snow) positively glow purple.

 Hyacinths will be in their full glory soon.

 Loving these little blue Siberian Squill.

 A late April look at the cottage garden. I really like the contour of the path. Toward the back of the photo, what looks like a large raised bed is actually our berry patch. Farther back is the horse pasture, and behind that, homes that we can only see when the trees' leaves are gone.

 Our border gardens and the triangle garden; also a close-up of the berry patch and our two-bin composter

A view of the bluebird house, our garden shed (and our neighbor's as well), and the pasture and barn

 Sleepy puppy!

Josey's beard color is a little brown, but not as brown as it looks in this photo. It's the sun shining in that makes it look that way.

Spring has come and with that LOTS of good things. Hope the Arctic blasts are a thing of the past in your area as well!

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