Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thinking Pink, and

I'm thinking PINK today.
I'm thinking GARDEN today.
I'm thinking SUMMER today.
I originally posted this in the cold WHITE wintertime; I ran across it today while looking for another post and thought the photos are worth another look. Enjoy!

Also I want to let you know that since Google Reader is going away, my reader will be I was able to transfer over all of the blogs I follow in Reader - very simple.  I know some of you are using Bloglovin' - I just wanted to let you know there is an alternative and that I can and will still find and enjoy reading your posts.

There's a lot of beauty in an old wooden fence with phlox and echinacea in front of it. Purple coneflowers are an absolute favorite with me, and I have many in my garden.

Cleome is a stunning annual that self-seeds freely. Do you see the Virginia bluebells hiding behind the cleome?

More coneflowers

I have a few of these 'White Swan' echinacea as well. UPDATE: I have two other cultivars of white echinaceas in my moon garden as well.

Nigella - the ultimate true blue stunner

Nigella is another of those self-seeding annuals; also known as "love-in-a-mist."

A swallowtail enjoys my garden, and I enjoy it...following it around, snapping photos...oh, I can hardly wait for those warm, sunny days to return!

Thinking pink and orange and yellow...

Hundreds of purple coneflower line the footpath in the cottage garden. This picture was taken a few years ago and I have fewer coneflowers in this area now because aster yellows has taken its toll. Aster yellows is a viral disease spread by leafhoppers. It reportedly affects coneflowers, asters, zinnias, marigolds, mums, petunias, and snapdragons; as well as edibles like lettuce, carrots, celery, and tomatoes. I personally have never seen it on any plant other than my coneflowers. For more information,and some rather interesting pictures of "alien coneflowers from outer space," click here.

I'm thinking PINK today!

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