Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late August in the gardens

Clematis 'Princess Diana' is a late-bloomer this year. Earlier, it developed wilt and I cut it all the way back and applied a copper fungicide. Surprise! It grew back and bloomed.

I'm growing glads this summer too. I enjoy them as cut flowers as well as in the garden.

This is one of my tranquil places in the garden. I love to relax on the patio. The view is unbelievable! :)

Tomatoes are abundant this summer, just as they were last year. I eat some, freeze some, and give some away.

I enjoy a wide variety of colors of phlox in the gardens.

Lobularia 'Snow Princess,' french vanilla marigolds, and pansies intermingle. I've never seen pansies bloom all summer long before.

A type of primrose, I believe this is also referred to as a sundrop.

The Mystery Plant - can you guess what this prolific self-seeder is?

Have a blessed day!


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