Monday, September 16, 2013

Tea in an extraordinary garden

Enjoy Rita's garden, where she has set up tea for us.

Rita does vegetable gardening in containers. If you look closely, you will also see some purely decorative plants in this area.

Lettuce and carrots growing in plastic IKEA tubs

Creative use (repurposing) of a shiny coffee pot

Rita has several garden rooms. This area is called "The Bistro." This would be a great place to sit with a cup of tea.

Spent allium heads were spray painted in pastel colors.

The herb garden

Now we're approaching another garden room, the gazebo. This is where Rita has set up our tea.

The gazebo from another angle

A silver tea service with a lovely patina and two colorful (even "gardeny" looking) cups

Notice there are guests in the background of this photo - they are touring Rita's garden.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how Rita set up tea in the garden.

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