Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November in the garden

I don't expect too much from the gardens this late in the season. So when I do find a pretty little surprise, or a splash of color, I revel in it.

 These pretty little trees are in my neighbor's yard.

 The blueberry bushes have pretty fall color.

 From one of my Japanese maples, cultivar unknown

 'Crimson Queen'

 A pin oak is the centerpiece of the rocky garden. Its leaves are beginning to show a tinge of red/orange.

 This grass has pretty color. Ornamental grasses provide great winter interest in the garden.

 Northern Sea Oats are one of my favorite grasses.

 The burning bush that doesn't "burn" much - I think it needs a sunnier spot. Next spring I'll move it.

 This pretty rose is fragrant, even now.

 A bright yellow rudbeckia ('Indian Summer,' I think)

 My cranesbill (perennial geranium) is still blooming heartily. This is either 'Rozanne' or 'Johnson Blue;' both are planted in the area so not sure which.

 A confused little foxglove, normally a spring bloomer

 Beautiful blue sky, lovely crabapple

 A close-up of my flowering crab - cultivar unknown. I do love this one; it blooms brilliant deep pink in the springtime.

 Lobularia 'Snow Princess' is still blooming - what a great performer!

I have hundreds of coneflowers in the gardens. I leave some standing, as the finches enjoy feasting on the seeds.

A pretty little still life

Hope you are having a great fall!

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