Thursday, May 8, 2014

Early May in the midwest

Spring, oh glorious spring! Here in the midwest we are enjoying warmer days, plenty of rain, and little changes in the garden every day.

Epimedium 'Rubrum'

Tiny, true blue flowers grace Brunerra 'Jack Frost'

One of my 900+ daffodils that is still in bloom

Virginia bluebells - a favorite around here

Lathyrus vernus

I had to take this photo in the calm before the storm. Today it began to bloom, and we're expecting thunderstorms, possibly severe, later today. So I'm enjoying the blooms when I can!

 Bleeding heart

 The hosta farm is coming to life! Later on, the hostas will fill in and the ground will be invisible.

 The lilacs are blooming, and a fragrant bouquet graces my mantel.   :)

 Jack in the pulpit


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