Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Color and Form in the garden

Color in the gardens - now? Am I talking about the color white? Well, yes, there is some of that but there is winter interest in form, structure, and yes, color here at Sunsplash Gardens.

 A cardinal enjoys corn on the squirrel feeder on a snowy day.

 Echinacea, a rose, and a piece of fencing that a clematis climbs on in warmer weather

 This was the view from above after a 2" snow last week. Some of it is gone now.

 Grasses are great for adding winter interest to a garden.

 Hydrangea 'Incrediball'

 In this image, 'Incrediball' provides a tan background to the annual salvia.

 Marigolds, full of spent blooms and also seeds - perhaps they will self-sow for next year.

 Butterfly weed has released its seeds.

 Blue and green bottles add color, too.

 Variety is the spice of life! Echinacea, a dwarf Alberta spruce, a weeping spruce, another spruce, an ornamental grass, and bluish shades of lavender all add interest to my gardens at this time of year.

 The pond and stream are closed for the season. To see the waterfall, stream, pond, courtyard, and pergola we put in this fall, click here.

I find beauty in my gardens in all four seasons!


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