Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's all about the tulips!

 This time of year, for me it's all about the tulips.

 Pretty blush pink tulips in my gardens

 There are quite a few tulips down by the potting shed, in a garden room I call Daylily Junction.

 How many tulips do I have? Well, probably 100 or so. Most of these are either what Breck's sold as "perennial tulips," or Darwin type tulips. If you've grown tulips you are likely aware that tulips are not reliable year after year. Thus, I've tried to plant these that are supposed to last longer. Good luck with the Breck's collection - I think they've been there 5 or 6 years. The Darwin tulips were planted the fall of 2013 so they haven't been well-tested yet.

 In Pella, Iowa, Home of Tulip Time, the tulip bulbs are pulled after blooming and new bulbs are planted every fall. For an event like Tulip Time, you must have gorgeous, reliable blooms. They also have a lot of fancy tulips. We were in Pella today to see the tulips and enjoy lunch and shopping. Here is my favorite bed from the central park in downtown Pella.

 Love these tulips too, although I've never grown any like this. They kind of remind me of peonies.

 Oh, look at this color!

 Another pretty color combination

 This sidewalk in central park is lined with various tulip varieties and colors. So pretty!

 Spectacular color and form!

 Pink in the garden - definitely a favorite of mine

 Tulips behind the Historical Society museum

The same location a few years ago

 Me and my friend Marilee posing in front of the posies

 Three of us traveled to Pella. Here I am with my friend Jeri, posing in front of the Tulip Tea Room.

I just love the lace curtains and the tulip topiaries - and the FOOD - at the Tulip Tea Room.


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