Friday, June 26, 2015

The View from Above

Every once in awhile I like to write up a post that gives a broader view of our gardens, rather than just close ups of various areas and various flowers out there. Today's the day. I took photos out the upstairs windows to try to show most of our back yard.

Our home is a two story with a walk out basement. The deck comes off the main level. Below that, you can see (on the left) our courtyard with pergola, the water garden area, and our triangle garden (top of photo).

Here's a closer view of the water garden, consisting of waterfalls, stream and pond and the adjacent pond garden room. We are planning on adding plants and growing the existing ones to the left (west) of the stream; we're going for a more natural look...these things take time...

A close up of some of the flowers in the pond garden (east) of the stream. monarda (bee balm), Nepeta 'Walker's low,' rudbeckia, roses and larkspur - also an occasional coneflower or two

To the middle left in the photo is the area we just looked at in the prior photo.
The middle area which is surrounded by the flagstone path is our Cottage garden.
The area in the lower right corner of the photo is the edge of the Picket Fence garden.
The area by the shed, only slightly visible, is Daylily Junction, home to many daylilies and a few true lilies as well. 2 of our 10 raised beds are also seen on the right.

In the Cottage garden - here you see the monarda, coneflowers, Asiatic lilies, daylilies, and a raised bed full of green beans.

The coneflowers are blooming now and the lilies will be soon.

In the Rocky garden, I'm loving hydrangea 'Incrediball.'

A pretty color combination in the picket fence garden

First water lily

Stunning in the pond: water hyacinths


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