Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MAXDOG: A Blogger's Journey

I'm so proud of my blogging friend, Caryl. She's written a fabulous book. It's called MAXDOG, and it's the story of how the love of a dog and the friendship of fellow bloggers provided healing.

I first read about Golden Retriever Max, aka Maxdog,
at her blog, The Adventures of Maxdog in South Africa.

Baby Max

A beautiful boy

Merry Christmas!

Maxdog and Maxmom

Scenes from Max's world tour - a story of support from bloggers across the globe

Maxdog is the story of how Max is Caryl's rock during a difficult time, and how the tables are turned years later when Max is diagnosed with cancer. The show of support from the blogging community helps Caryl to heal, and inspires her to tell the story. It's a great read!

Click here for information on obtaining your copy of Maxdog. I ordered my copy directly from Caryl, and it arrived in under two weeks' time, and was personalized as well.

Photos from Max's blog; used with permission

Buy the book! You will really enjoy it.

Have a great day!



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