Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Touch of Autumn/Time to Compost

The gardens are beginning their fall metamorphosis. Flowers have come and gone; others continue to provide bright spots of color. The trees are beginning to turn and some are already losing their leaves. Thanks for coming to visit Sunsplash Gardens - enjoy!

Fall garden tasks continue. I had ample supplies of my homemade compost to topdress the cottage garden, the rocky garden, the triangle garden, daylily junction, the side garden, the south hosta garden, and the rose garden. The hosta farm was composted last year, and it will be a priority for composting in 2013. Ideally, I'd compost everywhere, every year, but the law of supply and demand is in effect - so every two years seems to be realistic for me.

You may wonder why I compost in the fall rather than the spring. The main reason is because we will soon be raking up pine needles to apply as mulch, and I want the compost topdressing next to the ground, not on top of my fresh mulch.

To read more about composting, click here.

To read more about using pine needles (pine straw) as mulch, click here.


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