Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer: it's not over yet :-)

Heat and humidity, plus drought...it's not over till it's over. As for me, I love summer yet the cooler temps of autumn beckon.  The garden is very dry. We're in "moderate" drought conditions after having the wettest spring on record. I'm so glad we had that wet spring, because we were in "extreme" or "critical" drought last year. Global warming? Just a weather pattern?

The garden is looking a bit tired, but truly, I don't have to look too far to find a pretty plant to photograph.

 We have a lot of phlox in the garden, after I decided the solution to too much yellow in the late summer garden was to add phlox. I posted about that here. It's my most read post of all time, with nearly 5800 pageviews. This phlox is 'Purple Kiss.'

 Ligularia - I was gifted this plant from one of my former employees. Last year this plant didn't bloom; it just didn't like the drought and extreme heat. I'm glad it bloomed again for me this year.

 Grown from seed I purchased from Seed Savers Exchange, this pretty little Black-eyed Susan vine has just begun to bloom. Oops, looks like there's a weed or two growing in there too. I have them (weeds) but I try not to photograph them for my blog! lol

 Variegated liriope

 Morning glory 'Heavenly Blue'

 Larkspur will continue to bloom for most of the summer if deadheaded.

 Cuppa Shasta ('Becky')

 I like cosmos. I enjoy growing a variety mix.

 Most of the daylilies have finished blooming. This one, however, has been blooming for a month or so and has lots of buds remaining. Its' name says why:  'Autumn Minaret.' This hemerocallis is also unusual for its' height of approximately 6 feet.

 The Resurrection lilies finally bloomed this year. They must have heard me talking about digging them out and throwing them in the compost pile if they did not bloom this year!

 The three Butterfly Weed I had before all died. I bought this one and it is blooming beautifully.

 The American hazelnuts are almost ready to eat.

 A tree frog is making his home in with the potted fern. This is one of those "self-watering" pots; there is a reservoir around the bottom that holds water for the plant to draw on as needed.

When the coneflowers begin to dry, the goldfinches can be found eating the seeds.

I hope your day is "Heavenly" and not "Blue."

Enjoy what remains of summer; you won't get the chance again for almost a whole year!!!


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