Sunday, January 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Tea #1

Valentine's Day is coming up; it'll be here before you know it. I'd love to share some ideas over the next few weeks for you to make for the holiday. 

 I baked some chocolate cut-out cookies and iced them with store-bought frosting that I colored.
I'm using my Liberty Blue plates.

 I decided to have a cup of Yin Hao Jasmine from Harney and Sons Tea to enjoy with my cookies.

 I used my thrifted little blue teapot to brew the tea, and set my tea and cookies on a pretty tea tray.
The napkin is one I purchased on a trip to Ireland in 2001.

Also nice on Valentine's Day: a bouquet of multi-colored roses.

AND, from the "Don't try this at home" file....

I thought I'd decorate my pie, but when I baked it the red sugar spread all over and it looked like a mess instead of a heart! (But it still tasted yummy!) This photo shows the heart BEFORE I baked it; again, it looked nothing like a heart after it went into the oven and spread all over. I do not recommend you try this! lol

For the cookie recipe, click here.

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