Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow, has it ever been busy around here! Fall brings many gardening tasks in addition to the usual weeding, watering, etc.

We are 10 days into our construction project in the backyard, what I am calling the Big Transition. It actually began more than 10 days ago, but due to rain delays, actual days of the landscapers at work number 10.

Besides what the landscapers are doing, here are some of the things I have been doing:

~ Working the compost, and applying the compost
~ Gathering mulch, and applying mulch
~ Emptying the rain barrels - soon we will be putting them away for the winter
~ Moving plants - the project has changed a bit, requiring even more relocation of plants
AND that's just in my garden. Also, I took my mom grocery shopping (that takes 1/2 a day, as she lives 40 miles away), worked in the Enabling Garden (Master Gardener project garden), took Josey to the groomer - and tonight Ron and I and good friends Jeri and Bob are going to "Wino Wednesday" at Summerset Winery. Tomorrow night is our Master Gardener "Harvest Celebration," and the finale to Project Runway.  :)

Day 10: 10/22/2014
 The pergola is done. The landscapers (Peters Lawn and Landscaping) leveled this area, put down 16 tons of gravel, and are now adding sand, then pavers.

 To the side of the pergola, Ken works on the walkway.

 More fence has been removed, opening up the gardens - where the courtyard/pergola area is used to be my border gardens and to the right of the fence is the cottage garden. I'm excited about the new look with the area opened up!

 As seen from my deck - this is looking at the neighbor's yard, and the pasture behind it. So colorful!

 One of my piles of mulch - this is pine straw (pine needles) - and I raked it up with my own two hands! I am waiting to spread some of it, in areas where leaves will fall. I think it will be much better if the leaves are under the mulch, rather than cluttering the appearance of it if they are on top.

 A garden visitor

 This kitty has recently appeared in our yard. She is super friendly. I'll be taking her in to check for a microchip, and then to the shelter. She deserves a good home, inside -- and not to have to live behind our garden shed when it gets cold.

Have a great week, and I'll be back soon!


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