Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's in my early spring garden?

What's in my early spring garden, you ask?

Well...not a lot...but more is blooming every day!

Colorful crocus

A clump of daffodils - I have over 400 daffodils in the gardens, and those down at the fencerow have begun to bloom.

Stunning hellebores

True blue Siberian squill

The deer were here!
I haven't seen deer in weeks, but obviously they haven't left the area.

Tiny snowdrops are also beginning to bloom; other than that, and lots of green shoots, the only thing interesting in the garden is...

the cats!

Neighborhood strays - sadly, we're always seeing new ones. Where do they all come from?

At any rate, they can come over here and eat...and perhaps that is exactly why they visit my garden!

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