Monday, April 23, 2012

Tea and Fondant

I've been taking a cake decorating class through Adult Education. My most recent creation is featured here and we'll share a slice along with a cup of orange spice tea.

I baked a chocolate cake, then iced it with white buttercream (so that the fondant would adhere to it), and covered it in fondant. Next, I used pink buttercream to decorate it.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...these don't have much smell, but buttercream roses taste really good!

 A basket-weave patterned tea cup with sweet pink flowers

 This tea cup originally held a bouquet. It was one of my grandmother's, from her tea cup collection.

I'm using my pink floral teapot today.

I had a lot of fun decorating this cake. I hope you enjoyed seeing it and sharing a cup of tea with me today.

"The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose." ~Henry Ryecroft

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  1. I did cake decorating years, and I mean years ago. have never worked with the fondant. Love the shades of green and pink you did. Are you ready to do a wedding cake like that? I think you could do it.

  2. Lovely work on the cake. The pink is very pretty. The slice looks lovely and moist and yummy. The teacup set that belonged to your grandmother is just lovely too.

  3. How fun, I'd like to take a cake decorating class too. Your cake is very pretty, love how smooth the fondant looks-enjoy:@)

  4. The cake is beautiful! WOW! The tea cup set is beautiful! Have a great week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Wow Beth, I'm impressed with this beautifully decorated cake. Your roses are formed perfectly and I love the shade of pink for the fondant and buttercream. Your hubby must have been beaming with pride when he sat down to have a piece of this cake - you did share, didn't you? :-)
    I meant to tell you we had a mix up with the registration for our course - it is cupcakes and cookies but the emailed information I received said we'd being doing cakes and I had a list of tips and other supplies to buy. I walked in to the first class with a whole bunch of things that weren't needed and both the instructor and I were peeved that I got the wrong list. Oh well, I have a large collection of tips now!

  6. Beth, a flowery cake goes so well with your gorgeous garden. I bet the taste was wonderful. Cake decorating has become so popular after seeming like such an unattainable skill for so long. It's not one of my talents! (Still looking for those...) Have a wonderful day.

  7. Wow! Your cake is just beautiful! I took a cake decorating class years ago [for beginners], and more recently a cookie bouquet class and petit fours class. You've inspired me to go back and learn how to work with fondant. Wonderful post!

  8. Gorgeous cake! Looks like you're having fun with your cake course and must be the star of the class! I'd love to learn to use fondant, too.

  9. I'm seriously coming down there for tea one of these days! LOL. I'd have to say those classes are paying off. It all looks so special!

  10. Oh Beth! Your cake is gorgeous! I wouldn't want to cut it! Pretty china as well. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Beth,
    How pretty that cake is! You did a great job.
    I need to take a course. What a pretty tea cup and saucer. What a lovely tea.

  12. Beth, your cake turned out beautiful! I took the Wilton cake decorating series of classes and just loved it! So much fun! Your teacup and teapot are so pretty! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  13. Your cake is beautiful! You are not only talented in gardening, but also in baking! It was too pretty to eat! I adore your rose covered teapot and the teacup is darling, too.
    Have a good week,

  14. Hi Beth, boy you can bake me a birthday cake any time! This looks great. I love the shade of pink, too. I took a Wilton class years ago at Michael's Crafts. I bought so many supplies - and gave them away when I moved! xo

  15. I love the basket-weave pattern. So sweet. Keep baking...I think you are a natural. Hugs, Deb

  16. Oh Beth, your cake is GORGEOUS!!!!!! You should be proud of yourself. I wish I was there to share a slice with you and enjoy a cup of tea.

  17. Oh my word!! That cake is GORGEOUS!! Pink and everything perfect! I am sure your cake was so happy to be a part of your tea celebration. The cup/pot are both lovely. Here saying hello from Sandi's Tea Party, hope you have a fantastic week.

  18. Hi Beth!
    Your cake is just beautiful and I love your Grandmother's teacup it is so sweet. I used to do cake decorating years ago and I really enjoyed it. Have a great week.

  19. Beth you did a fantastic job creating such a delicious looking cake. It's beautiful! I absolutely love your tea set. The cup and saucer is very pretty and the teapot is gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to have tea with me today and I enjoyed my visit with you.



  20. A lovely cake and a lovely cup, sauce and teapot!

  21. Oh your fondant icing on the cake looks so good. You did a fabulous job. I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea and slice of cake.

  22. That is incredibly beautiful! I would be tempted to preserve that creation forever. But then I suppose everyone was salivating :) Beautiful!

  23. I am starving right now Beth! That cake is so beautiful and looks so yummy too! If I made it I don't know if I could let anyone cut into it since it's so pretty!

  24. Last week you made quite otoliga small cakes and now this wonderful cake. Just enough to garnish. I like the contrast with the dark chocolate bottoms against the bright pink. I've Never operate the set with a cup of basket weaving. Nice! . I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  25. I'm not a bake and I so admire those who bake and decorate! Lovely basket weave teacup. Tea and cake ... the perfect duo for tea day!

  26. Morning Beth,
    Oh your cake is gorgeous and makes me want to jump right into the screen and get some! Course, it is so pretty you almost don't want to cut it!!
    Funny cause I was just looking at some differently decorated cakes in my new
    Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and was thinking wished I could make a cake,
    cause I love decorating them............but we don't need to be eating it is the

    Enjoyed your whole post, very pretty teacup of your Grandmothers............
    thanks for sharing your luscious creation with us.
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  27. Your cake is wonderful and very pretty I would love to learn to do that...Love your Rose Tea pot and your cup and saucer is adorably cute...Have a wonderful new week...with love Janice, thank you for coming by...

  28. Great job on that cake! I took a cake decorating class thru the mail once. Got my first cake decorated and all was great till I had to clean out those tools. Oh my! That ended my cake decorating. lol. I am really not lazy just all that frosting was so hard to get out of that stuff. I decided it was easier to clean paint brushes and garden tools. lol. I am sure they have disposable decorating tubes now but I have never tried it again. lol. Maybe your endeavor will last lots longer. Your cake did turn out beautiful. My favorite color too.

  29. That cake looks beautiful, Beth! It goes perfectly with that tea set! :)

  30. Hi Beth,
    can I hope that there is still a leftover, when I come so late? Seriously, your cake looks breath taking. I am thrilled about your skills in cake decorating. It looks like a wedding cake. Would love to haave those skills, too. This was a real outstanding tea time. Thank you for having me for tea.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  31. Hello Beth,
    What a gorgeous cake! It is so pretty I would be hesitant to cut it! But it certainly does look yummy snuggled up to your cup of tea! Your teapot is adorable and your teacup, very sweet. It's too bad we didn't live closer, I would ask you to make my anniversary cake. Thank you for sharing your pretty cake with us and joining me for tea.

    Blessings and hugs,

  32. to me it doesn't look like a chocolate cake. maybe it's because my favorite cake used to be German chocolate. low calorie, right?

  33. Thanks for the lovely tea party. The cake looked wonderful and sure bet it was delicious. Love chocolate cake!!!

  34. You have learned well in your class, your cake is beautiful! I've never worked with fondant, but it certainly does make a cake look professional. It looks very good when cut too...yum, chocolate and buttercream!


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