Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Dutch-inspired tea

I was back in Pella again recently. Every year my girlfriends from high school meet the week of Tulip Time for lunch and conversation. I always look forward to our meeting, and I also look forward to seeing the tulips. This year we had a warm winter and early spring and the tulips bloomed early. Most were gone for Tulip Time; however, I made a special trip down to see them in mid-April. To see the tulips at their peak, click here. For more tulips and Dutch culture, you may wish to visit this post.

In the latter of the two posts linked, you may see two lovely teapots. Well, on my trip back to Pella I stopped at the Historical Village gift shop and purchased one!

Today I tried it out in a Dutch-inspired tea for one.

Delftware, or Delft pottery, is a blue and white pottery made in or around the village of Delft in The Netherlands. Although my new teapot is not Delft, these other pieces are.

A hand-painted tray for the cream and sugar: these came from my grandmother's collection. They were gifted to her.

Vintage blue Delft

The tea cup is from Grandma too. I find it quite stunning!

The handwriting on the piece of tape is the name of the nephew who brought the cup and saucer to Grandma on a trip to Holland.

Here's my cream and sugar.

Do you like a snack (or "nosh" as Martha from Lines from Linderhof calls it) with your tea? Sometimes I do like a little sweet with my tea time. These are St. Nick cookies from a Dutch bakery in Pella.

Perhaps you'd like a piece of cake instead. As you know, I recently took a cake decorating class. Here's my latest creation. Isn't it adorable? A little "present" for you!

Pella's Tulip Tower, and below, a few of the remaining tulips in the park

An ocean of purple

Thanks for attending my Dutch and Tulip Time-inspired tea today.

"Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!" ~Author unknown

I'm so glad you came to visit Beyond The Garden Gate today!



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