Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lucky with lupins

 Lupins - love 'em! I've had good luck growing them over the past several years. Because I know some gardeners have difficulty with them, I want to share a few tips.  I grow mine from seed - I think these are a type called 'Tutti Frutti.'

They like acidic soil. If I remember, I will add sulfur or aluminum sulfate to the soil when planting since my soil pH is neutral to basic.

Once planted, they do not like to be transplanted.

Lupins are short-lived perennials, thus I plant more every year. This year I planted 50 'Tutti Frutti' seeds - and I spread them throughout the gardens.

Allowing lupins to go to seed may shorten the life of the plant, so I don't allow mine to go to seed.

 This lupin is a volunteer. Notice it looks a little different in its form; I think it's probably a Russell hybrid.

Give lupins a try! What have you got to lose???

And also starring in my late May garden:

 I'd never seen a pink fuchsia before. Fuchsias are hummingbird magnets, so of course I had to get this and hang it below the deck.

 Several clematis are blooming. This one is so pretty! I don't know the name of it; I had ordered 'Louise Rowe' but this isn't it...I like it any way.

 Many peonies are blooming in our area now. I have six peonies, two of which are blooming now. This one is 'Star Power.'

 Here is tree peony 'Goldfinch.'

 This delicate little rose has started to bloom.

 Allium 'Christophii' has unusual form.

 Heuchera 'Lipstick' is a favorite of mine. In the background, upper left, is one of my tiarellas.

 Clematis 'Multi Blue'

 I've had several iris blooming. Here's a lovely white one, name not known.

 Gardening isn't all that I do....I bake once in awhile too....doesn't the pie look lovely? It's lemon meringue, ready for Sunday lunch with the family!


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