Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Such a beautiful season!

Things are changing daily in the gardens. Such a beautiful season of the year!

 The little dogwood tree is still blooming beautifully. I've placed potted water lilies in the pond and eagerly await the lily pads and blooms on the water's surface.

 We added two new rain barrels this year, bringing our total to four. These will hold 220 gallons of water, useful for adding water to the pond as needed and for watering the garden.

 The kitchen garden/potager/raised beds are coming to life. Tomatoes still not planted...waiting till Mother's Day.

 A very nice stand of Virginia bluebells

 Primula Sieboldii is blooming in two areas of the garden.

 The hosta farm is filling in nicely.

 Color contrast: a tiny Japanese maple amongst the hostas ('Geisha Gone Wild')

 Solomon's Seal, a gift from Larry's garden - beautiful in the shady areas


 Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' looks so full of buds! This clematis was a very slow starter. I think it's five years old now and it didn't bloom the first three years. It's lucky that I'm a patient person! lol

Lathyrus vernus, another gift from Larry
He's been very generous in sharing knowledge and plants with me!

The lilies have come up and will bloom soon, as will the iris. The perennial geraniums are about to bloom as well. There's something to look forward to every day as I walk about the gardens!


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