Sunday, July 5, 2015

Self sowing in the garden; do you or don't you?

Do you allow annuals to self sow in your garden?
Or do you "Preen?"
Or pull the seedlings?
I do pull quite a few, because when I allow self sowing, I always get WAY more plants than I need.

Despite the inconvenience of this extra "weeding", I let the following beauties go to seed and's almost like an annual becoming a perennial!

 Larkspur and an annual rudbeckia

 Somniferum Poppy 'Candy Floss'

 Nigella - pretty in pink
a/k/a Love-in-a-mist

The more common blue nigella


Verbena bonariensis - this is a butterfly magnet


 Of course there are perennials that go to seed and produce new plants as well. A couple of examples from my garden are echinacea and monarda.

So, do you or don't you allow self sowing? For me, it brings me some extra effort but a lush cottage garden look which is worth it to me.

It's another nice summer morning and once I finish my cup of tea I'll take little Josey for a walk, and then I'll be heading down the garden paths both to enjoy, and to work...and to look for a lost shoe! Our neighbors visited last night and somehow their little boy lost a CROC! Hope we can find it in this dense "jungle" of plants!


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