Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Delight of a Cottage Garden

What is a cottage garden? It's a style of country garden, originally English, with dense plantings. It includes annuals, perennials, shrubs, and vegetables - even fruits. Pathways are a common part of the cottage garden too.

Popular cottage garden plants include roses, hollyhocks, foxgloves, campanulas, larkspurs, delphiniums, carnations, herbs, and ornamental grasses, all of which I have, or previously had, in my cottage garden.

Here's a peek at my take on an English cottage garden:

 Daylilies, yarrow, phlox (not blooming), ladybells, hollyhocks, and clematis (not blooming)

 Grey-headed coneflowers, yarrow, coneflowers, Asiatic lilies, and an ornamental grass


 Yellow loosestrife and ladybells


 Daisies and coneflowers

 Kniphofia (Red hot poker)

 Roses and peonies, and a dwarf Alberta spruce

 Fun with a piece of picket fence

 A cute corner that will become a fairy garden soon...

 A shrub rose

 A look from above: note the paths and the raised beds for vegetable-growing

 Every garden needs a cat! This is Tortie. Isn't she beautiful?


 Campanula - no longer welcome in my garden - too aggressive!



 Verbena bonariensis and a visitor

 Cleome - love that color

 One of the shrubs in my cottage garden is this Rose of Sharon

The essence  of a cottage garden is captured right here. Love this view!

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