Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Learning about hemerocallis

While perusing Google Images looking at daylilies, I found myself directed to two sites of interest.

The first is Gardening in Virginia A Daylily Blog, the blog of Julie Covington. Julie has so many daylilies that at peak bloom time, "liveheading" takes her 3 hours per evening, and yields 8 buckets of blooms. Now that's a lot of daylilies!

In reading Julie's blog, I came upon a lot of terminology I was unfamiliar with; that got me to search out the Daylily dictionary of the American Hemerocallis Society. You can find the dictionary here.

Here's something I learned about hemerocallis 'Julie Fassett', directly below. I learned that this daylily has an unusual form known as pinched crispate.

 Another red: 'Whooperee'

 'Prairie Wildfire'

Another pretty red: 'Happy Apple'

A few more hemerocallis below:
 Name not known

'Lacy Doily'

 'Perfect Pink Princess'

 'Bold Stripe'

 'Strawberry Candy'

'Black Eyed Susan'
Quickly becoming a favorite!

Also seen in my early July garden:
 Fun with mirrors: do you use mirrors in your garden? If you were to use a large mirror without a frame, the reflection "doubles" the size of that area of the garden, or, depending upon the mirror and its placement, it looks like a window. This mirror does neither but I find the reflection charming.

ADDENDUM: Back to hemerocallis and Julie Covington's blog: There are two purple daylilies that are now on my wish list. They are 'Purple Crowned Fairy' and 'Precious Candy.' Here is the first post of Julie's that I read, the one I found through a Google search...enjoy her gorgeous daylilies!

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