Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Garden is Rioting! (With Color!)

Oh, it's a riot all right! Color, color everywhere! I was in awe of the glorious-ness of Sunsplash Gardens when I toured our gardens after being gone on vacation for 6 days. (More on the vacation in an upcoming post)

 Old-fashioned balsam, this is the gift that keeps on giving (self-seeding). Last year I went to Bob Wilson's daylily farm to buy, what else, daylilies...when I spotted these beauties. He dug some and gave them to me. I have them in light pink, dark pink, and white. Love them!!!

 The rain lilies (fairy lilies) looked stunning when I returned. I had placed the small clay pot in the shade in a tub filled with water so they wouldn't dry out. These babies flourished there.

 Coneflowers, coneflowers everywhere! This scene features them plus beebalm, hemerocallis, liatris, gray-headed coneflowers, and yarrow (achilliea) in bloom.

 Purple coneflowers and rudbeckia line the path here.

 Ammi majus, another self-seeding annual. The seeds originally came from my friend Judith at Lavender Cottage. This is their third year. Two years ago, there were many black swallowtail caterpillars on them.

'Bob White' in the Moon garden

 'Perfect Pink Princess,' a gift from Larry of Conrad Art Glass and Gardens

 'Red Plum Stripe'

 'Hush Little Baby' was purchased in Wisconsin on our first trip to visit Larry and Sarah.

'Startle,' another gift from Larry and Sarah

Name not known

Wilson seedling

 'Sunday Gloves'

 'Janice Brown'

My main daylily area, Daylily Junction
There are daylilies spread throughout but this area has many.

Name not known


A welcome garden visitor

As my title indicates, the garden is indeed a riot of color! This is peak time here and I'm loving every minute of it!

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