Sunday, October 6, 2013

4 years of tea time

Reviewing some pretty images from my virtual tea parties over the years...Enjoy!

I've made lots of scones over the years. My favorite would have to be these, which have butterscotch chips in them.

Tea time treats including chicken salad sandwiches, scones, and individual cherry cheesecakes.

Fresh strawberries and a cuppa tea

Part of a fun tablescape for Easter

Okay, now this is funny. The table looks lovely for tea...but check out the person lying on the rug on the floor in the upper left hand corner!  lol

Cuppa tea and a nosh for my guests

Do you like cucumber sandwiches?

What a colorful tablecloth! We can do a lot to make pretty and unique tablescapes.

Those pretty flowers behind the 'Old Country Roses' teacup? This was a piece of branch cut from my weigela.

'Old Country Roses' is a classic, making for a very stunning formal table

Love this teapot, and the delicious and pretty lunch on the plate below (Thymes Remembered Tea Room)

'Liberty Blue' and a pecan bar - Mmmmmmm!

Iced tea on the deck

A cake I decorated for Tea Time Tuesday

Beauty with Dutch inspiration

I've set up and photographed a lot of virtual teas over the past (almost) four years of blogging.
I've bought a lot of china, teacups, and different kinds of tea during that same time.
I've learned from others; I've made new friends.

Blogging about tea has been fulfilling for me, and it was fun revisiting some teas from the past.

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